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It seems somewhat strange that I have to give credentials — or need to explain "my motivation" — for presenting factual information. Nevertheless, here is an overview:

I am a property owner and taxpayer.
My wife and I split our time between our lakefront home in the fabulous Adirondacks of upstate NY (a state park with over 3000 natural, clean, freshwater lakes like this), and our pleasant beach house on the coast of NC.

Most people would probably consider me a technology expert:
I have a graduate degree in Physics (Solid State Science), have worked in the computer field for almost forty years, have been a Macintosh consultant for some twenty years working with thousands of Macs, have written commercial Mac software that is still selling today, have been a Mensa member, and more.

Did You Know?
I have nearly a hundred business clients who use Macs. The PC sales strategy that says "Macs are great for graphic artists" is a poorly disguised attempt to marginalize Macs into a very small niche market. BALONEY. My own business clients (who almost always exclusively use Macs) include lawyers, accountants, doctors, manufacturers, retailers, public relations firms, builders, restaurants, real estate offices, etc.

I am a person who has a strong interest in our education system.
I’ve served on a NY school board, volunteered thousands of hours of computer assistance time to students & teachers, been a Big Brother, a Foster Parent, and more...

I have no current affiliation with Apple Computer, nor do I have any other motive, financial or otherwise (other than already stated). In fact, I am comfortably well-off and would prefer playing golf to solving most computer issues...

What I find extremely disturbing is how schools, businesses, and individuals are blindly giving up control of their computers. See my elaboration called A Bit Of History for a taste of what I mean.

Oh yes — concerning this situation, one saying comes to mind:
"If you can remain calm, you just don’t have all the facts."

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  • Knowing that I’m a Physicist, yur probably right if you think that skillful writing is not my forte. If you want to offfer free editing services, be my gest...