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Why Macs Are The Best Choice:

Our local school district’s (publicly made) explanations for abandoning our $10,000,000± Mac investment, center around the following contentions:

Myth #1
"Windows/PCs are cheaper."
Response: Just not so. Despite sometimes having a slightly higher initial purchase cost, Macintosh computers have substantially lower TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP. Learn More!

Myth #2
"There’s no real difference between Macs and PCs."
Response: There are BIG differences. For instance, compared to Windows PCs, the Mac OS is easier to learn, requires fewer keystrokes for similar tasks, and results in much higher user productivity. Learn More!

Is this still true for Windows Vista?
Of course! Mac OS X is significantly better than Windows Vista. Learn More!

Myth #3
"Students need a Windows/PC experience."
Variation: "Schools should be using Windows/PCs since more businesses do.")
Response: Agree that Windows experience could be worthwhile! But educating students on computers involves MUCH more than exposing them to Windows. Macs can also run a Windows or Linux operating system simultaneously, for FREE, essentially providing two+ computers for the price of one. And there are at least TEN GOOD REASONS why schools should NOT use computers based on what businesses use. Learn More!

Myth #4
"There have been problems with our existing Macs."
Response: Macs are VERY reliable. Compared to Windows PCs, Macs are MUCH easier to support — and when properly maintained, they experience FAR fewer problems. Furthermore, Macs are more secure — e.g. they are MUCH less prone to virus attacks. Learn More!

Myth #5
"Mac statistics are outdated, etc."
Response: In communications with school MIS personnel, an assortment of other Mac criticisms came out. Contentions about our statistics being outdated, about the quantity of Mac software available, about Apple single-sourceness, etc. are simply NOT LEGITIMATE. Learn More!

Myth #6
"PCs are faster than Macs"
Response: First of all, in a school setting, speed is hardly paramount. Secondly, for business and school related application usage, the performance of Macs is equal to or better than high-end PCs. Learn More!

And More...
Now that we’re rolling, I’ve added some other pages to fill out the picture even more:
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