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All of us are familiar with the many injustices that we see daily in the world around us. However, the sad fact is that although we have no problem with complaining, rarely do we take any real action to try to solve such situations — even when they are of a local nature and affect us personally (e.g. property tax matters, environmental conditions, etc.).

Why is this? My opinion is that these are the main reasons:
  •  We are so overwhelmed with such issues, that we have become desensitized.
  •  We don’t believe that our personal effort will make any difference.
  •  We have a busy life, so don’t have a lot of time to do such things as investigate, write letters, attend meetings, etc.
  •  We don’t like to get into issues that may be controversial or confrontational.
  •  We think that if there really is a problem, then someone else will resolve it.
  •  Many people believe that there is some truth to the adage of “No good deed goes unpunished”.

I am not that much different regarding most of these. However, I also firmly believe in the theory that bad things happen when good people don’t speak up. I don’t like controversy either, but I didn’t create the situation in our local school district. In fact I have spent hundreds of hours (for free) over the last several years in an attempt to prevent this from happening — but to no avail.

I am taking action on this local issue, as I know that very few other people in this community have the technical knowledge to accurately assess it. Furthermore, I know that other school districts and businesses are facing this same situation, so working together will benefit everyone.

Girl Throwing Hammer

One person — YOU — can make a difference!

We have received MANY generous offers for help. It reinforces for us another BIG Mac advantage: the Mac community.

If YOU would like to do something, here are some options:

1) Pass on information contained in this website to other interested parties, particularly individuals, schools, or businesses contemplating a computer purchase.

2) Constructive observations and/or additional information (particularly good citations) pertaining to the Mac vs Windows/PC situation are welcome. (We will update these pages periodically.)

3) I have had requests for the site to be available in foreign language versions. If you would like to offer such a service, that would be great. [In the meantime, if you would like a rough language translation of any page, please try the AltaVista site.]

4) Sign the Apple Petition, and get other Mac users (e.g. your local Mac user group) to do the same. [Note: see the updated version of this petition here.]

5) As I said on the opening page, since I started this site in March of 2001, I have put well over a thousand hours into researching material, putting it all together, editing updates, creating PDFs, answering over 3000 emails, etc. I would like to think that the resulting pages are a comprehensive, beneficial, and unique resource in the very popular Mac vs PC debate.

But this amount of time has had a serious impact on my life: economic and otherwise. If you would like to encourage me to continue this effort — or if you find the work already done to be useful to you — a Paypal contribution would be most appreciated: just click on the Paypal icon below.