[In late 2001, the “Apple Sucks” page was located at "www.crapple.com/applesucksmaclinks.html", but has since disappeared. The page below is an exact replica of the text appearing on that page. (For faster loading and simplicity, the images have been deleted.) — Ed]

Want to go have a good laugh? Want to listen to Mac Addicts speak their rhetoric? Want to finally understand why PC's and Windows are so horrible? We've got some links for you. Take a Good look at these poor souls and their misguided anger.

i hate apple: A GREAT site full of technical comparisons. They do REAL benchmark tests with Macs vs PC's. I highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to know the real technical nitty-gritty.
[Ed: as of 2000 this site changed domains from "ihateapple.com" to "ihateApple.net", basically ran out of material, and essentailly died on the vine.]

The Apple Collection: I narrowed their site down the the anti-windows and why buy a Mac page.

Windoze Advantage: Nice page of other Mac haters and why Mac haters are stupid. Pretty funny if you ask me.
[Ed: this site is now defunct]

Josh Meister's Apple/Macintosh Evangelist Site: Now this site is funny as fuck. It tells us why Microsoft is doomed and how Apple is somehow like Christ and is going to be resurrected.

Mircosuck: An odd little site that compares Bill Gates to Hitler and more. A must see.

Students need Windows?: A sad attempt to explain why Macs need to be in schools.

MacInTouch Reader Reports: Hell, We no longer have to tell you how shitty Macs are. Listen to the horror stories from other Mac owners, many who have gone PC because of it.
{Ed note: the MacInTouch page used to be at "http://macintouch.com/applesupport.html", but is no more. I'm sure you get the idea what type of comments the author was getting at.}